15 May 2013

Say No To All Kinds of Bullying

                Millions of Kids worldwide experience this daily, at school, at home and on the internet, bullies big and small are everywhere, it's time for us to put a stop on this and end the suffering of other children.

                I myself have suffered bullying periodically throughout my life, either at school or on the internet. Now these bullies are everywhere, Home Bullies are now prevalent too, so instead of a child having a safe, bully free environment at home, he does not have this to look forward to because even at home, he is bullied by siblings, cousins and even their own parents. School is not a safe environment itself, hundreds if not thousands of kids commit suicide yearly because of School Bullying, The Internet is also home to sad people who only know how to bully and won't get a life and lift their asses off their chairs and get jobs. I really get irritated and angry when people commit suicide because of bullying, the potential of that person, the productivity that person could have brought to the world was gone in a snap of a finger, because someone or a group of people insulted the kid, degraded the child or even extorted the child, this must be stopped.

                Schools must be a safe place for kids to study, to explore their potentials and to learn about life, in peace and without the fear of being bullied by fellow students, staff or even teachers, yes, teachers they bully too. Home must be a safe place a child can look forward to, not a place where the child shall expect more insults and more emotional distress, the internet where a child uses to communicate with the world must be a safe haven, not an extension of the bully network that surrounds a child.

                A child has a right to live peacefully and not to be bullied, no matter where he is, what his race, color, sexual orientation, interests, attitudes and physical characteristics are. SAY NO TO BULLYING, Stop it and speak out.

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Family: Center of Love, Care and Strength

                We are celebrating today, International Day of the Family, YAY! World Family Day! The Family is the basic Societal Institution which has it's own government, usually headed by the Father, the family is also the center of all things good, Love, Care and Strength. But it seems nowadays a lot of families are far apart from each other.

                 But Many families cannot celebrate this together, for their families are torn apart, ripped through shreds because of a lot of factors, like divorces, violence etc. I wrote this to emphasize the importance of family time and their role as a support system to the youth, I have been empty with ideas for the past week or so, then this came to my mind. I mean, my family is my basic support group, I could tell problems to the members of my family and they'd give me loving, caring and sensible advise. But not all of us teens out there have this support group because their families ain't whole because of many reasons, so these teens resort to look for other people to seek as a support group and most of the time, they tend to look and find for the wrong kind of people, people who instead of dragging them out of their problems would create a false environment of care and love to the teen while they continually drag him down to an abyss of problems, and what happens to that teen? He becomes an addict, a delinquent, a criminal, a dropout and worse the teen dies because of these bad influences, brought by the parent's lack of time for their children. The usual parental excuse is "We are working extra hard for your future.", but, money cannot buy the time that they are supposed to spending on their kids, money cannot buy the happiness and the joy brought by parents comforting, loving, caring and playing with their kids. I remember our class play during Grade 10 English which touched this certain topic. A child can be showered with all material things by his hardworking parents, the child may seem happy, the teen may seem satisfied. But deep inside the heart of that child and teen, there is something the child longs for, something the child hasn't experienced, something the child really hungers for. And that is love, care and words of strength from their parents, because after all, these material things will come and go, but the memory of being loved and cared personally by your parents is a memory that you'll cherish forever which will make you realize, "Hey, my parents do love me."

                SO I plea to all the parents and kids, spend time together more often. To the parents, care and love for your children because they are the fruit of your love and a beloved gift.

                I plea and I write, In the Eyes of A Teen.

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So we now want the results.

                Election is over, the jingles, dancing , singing, commercials , promises and noise barrages are over and winners have been announced in Local Positions, some local officials are new, some were unopposed, some retained their title, but after everything and the public has spoken, we now look into the results of your promises.

                  After the hundreds if not thousands of promises and soft words that the politicians used on the electorate, it's time for them to do these. Or else, they'd be considered as fraud. Promises like health care for citizens, better roads (yeah they need these especially in the rural areas) and less violence, I, though a minor, alongside with the whole Filipino Electorate, would like and love to see these promises accomplished, but if they haven't done them? What can we do? We could just watch as our towns and provinces go into turmoil.

                  So dear politicians, just get your promises done, and we the youth and the people who elected you be satisfied.

09 May 2013

Anyone for Gun Control?

                 After kids were murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary nearly 5 months ago a call to repeal gun laws in States have been called for. Recently a kid shot his brother with a rifle that is manufactured for the usage of kids, labeled "My First Rifle.". Mixed reactions have been seen. Some agree that it's time for a gun control law. Some say it isn't because of the right to bear arms the American Constitution guaranteed it's citizens. Let's see , Anyone for Gun Control?

                  There are a lot of benefits with a "Tighter Gun Owning Policy" of course, we can strip of all the lunatics out there to own a gun, the mentally imbalanced and of course kids to own a gun. Another thing at least because of the hassle to file a lot of paperwork , submit to such medical and psychological evaluation and many more some people would be too lazy to even bother buying and registering a gun, that is a good side. The jobs of the cops would be less dangerous with only legitimate people who are proved to be mentally stable and have been educated properly to use their guns would be out there in the streets, at least each traffic stop would be less and less tensed. And of course a good gun policy would ban High powered rifles, like AR-15's, M-4's and the like would be off of civilian hands and the gun markets, there can be exceptions of course for those who really need them like owners of big pawnshops and jewelry stores. The moment these rifles are out of the market the safer the people are. Those are the Pro's. But still we can't guarantee "Total eradication and control" of guns.

                     Let us not hide the fact that there is a huge black market out there where you could buy all of your equipment, and that puts the laws for gun control, how good or strict it may be, to a good compromise. Of course, it will be useless until there are those unlawful turds who will find a way to smuggle and peddle such guns illegally, so the law would be really useless, and it might increase the number of illegal weapons in circulation because you just give em a call they deliver your gun no paperwork just plain cold hard cash. It would undermine the law and will put more people's lives in jeopardy.

                      The bottom line? I really do not know, it's up to the lawmakers and the law itself to give us, teens and kids a safer community to live. But one tip, try eradicating or reducing the activity of black markets (seems impossible) before doing these laws. But hey, it's their job not mine. I just hope that whatever will their decision be, it is the good for all, both gun owners and citizens without guns alike. But imagine a world with less violence because the people who owns guns are more educated on how to use it safely and are proven to be mentally capable of owning one.

Just Say No!

         Teenage Pregnancy, it's an age old problem but it seems that nowadays it is becoming a normal event to hear that your teen neighbor is pregnant. The Problem? Teen Curiosity, Rebelliousness but more of the part where most of them did not have the guts to say "No".

          Teens who did not enjoy their childhood because at an early age they have the responsibilities to take care of their own child. Teens who out of "Love" did it to the extremes and did a "mistake". Teens who just did it because they are curious on how it feels to do "it". Teens who just did it out of hate towards their parents. Teens who have been robbed of their dignity, purity and chance to enjoy their teenage years free of worry because they did not have the guts to SAY NO. Of course there will be the usual alibi "I love him and I do not regret such.", Ladies, speaking as a dude, No need for sex to prove your mutual love, that should be done on a later stage of life. I'm getting worried of the normalcy of such news and I am worried that even I ain't surprised to hear such news no more.

         How could you prevent such? Well if you ask me my number one advise is to "SAY NO", yep say no and everything'll be alright, if he gets mad ditch him, he is a worthless douche who only wants to get into your pants. "There are contraceptives, we'll just use 'em." - The usual argument, still a no no. Sex is an act done by adults and not by teens or kids, so please dudes just don't do it.

         How about to those who are already down and out? To those who are already pregnant or might be afraid to be pregnant, I suggest continuing with it, don't abort it. It's your fault not the baby's, if there is anyone to blame it's you, you were too itchy to stop your primitive urges, if you are afraid that the kid will grow up to an environment which is not conducive for living for such a child, why the hell haven't you thought of that in the first place before getting knocked out? Afraid of your Dignity being ruined? Please you already ruined it the moment you let your boyfriend or your friend get into your pants, so you pretty much have no dignity to protect.

          My Final advice? Don't do it. Already done it and afraid you are pregnant? Get a check up, tell your parents and keep it no matter what, you already felt seven minutes in heaven, now it's your turn to have a lifetime responsibility. Don't want any responsibilities? Then don't do it.

         For my Male friends out there, I know you have urges of yourselves, I know you are eager to do such. But please think about the suffering you'll bring your parents, your girl's parents and your girl of course. Before our primal douche attitudes take over us, it's better to think it out, too hot? Take a bath, that's what my Religion teacher always told us.

And here is another issue tackled by yours truly.
I saw it in the eyes of a teen.
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08 May 2013


          What I hate the most is going to the market and seeing the headlines of local tabloids, suicide here and there. Frightening enough that it's just like a daily event that a person takes away his life because of depression, pressure, stress or complete insanity. But for those sane enough to think, IS THERE A DAMN GOOD REASON TO TAKE AWAY YOUR LIFE? I bet none.

            Okay, some of you might think that their problem is so heavy that they can't bear it anymore. Y'all need to think first. Are you going to take away your life because of just some silly problem you think that is too damn big for you to bear? Well, I'd be damned to tell y'all that there are a whole bunch of people out there with bigger problems than yours who are fighting to stay alive and to overcome their problems. Some may say, but this is the only way that they could stop the anguish in their lives, still this is plain crap, remember that if there is a will there is a way, if you won't do the initiative then you'll solve nothing.

           It really angers me to watch news and see teens and adults who take their own lives away because of a simple problem, love life, bullies (I'll tackle these turds later) ,  getting fired, nasty separations or just because they have no more money. Simply these people are still "emotionally immature". I know I'd stir up emotions here like I am a heartless bastard who is insensitive on this matter. Sorry, but I know how you feel, I lost a friend too because he took away his life.

            Let me cut to the chase, suicide is not a solution to anything, it'll only bring more problems than solution, imagine the grief that your family and friends will suffer, imagine the people you'll leave behind if you do this, imagine tomorrow, imagine a bright tomorrow with you in it, because you! Yes, you are important to this world, so if you take away your life, your potential may never be seen. There is no damned good reason for a person to take away his life, there are other solutions, like "opening up" to your parents or any relative you trust and you know who would give good advise, and I'll tell you, you'd feel eased and happy.

           So there you have it my friends, No good reason to take away your life, remember that. Keep living, make a difference, help stop suicide. We may not know that person in trouble will be the future's hope.

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07 May 2013

A Campaign Guideline (Provincial Politics)

             Well voters needs guidelines on who to vote. Why don't I give ideas to the Candidates especially in the provinces.

So here is my top 10 guideline for the Old and New Candidates alike.

#10. A Killer Smile - No-one can resist on electing you if you have that killer smile, the smile that can get the old grannies wet during your political rallies, but don't over exaggerate your smile, they might think you're a rapist or a madman.

#9 Bodyguards - Yeah, you need 'em you got to be prepared to protect yourself if you ever get elected, or during election intimidate people in the local villages to vote for you by showing up with your beefy, heavily armed bodyguards, that will get you some votes and a few election violations but who cares? Everyone is too damn scared of you (but mostly your bodyguards) that they'd lose the balls to report you. (Especially recommended for small people who run in the elections, this will cure your little man syndrome.)

#8 A Brand New SUV - You'd need this, travelling the nasty outbacks of your targeted area, and of course a quick getaway from the media once they swarm you with questions on allegations of you having a mistress, illegitimate children and sex scandals, it can also serve as a multipurpose transport, it can be for your personal use, your wife, your 2nd wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend, or a transport of either of your 20 kids from 10 different wives. You choose how to use it. Also will be of great use if you win, you can silently kill anyone inside it, especially if they are against your policies. (Recommendation, buy ones with heavily tinted windows, install blinkers, sirens and of course make it bullet proof.)

#7 Hand Sanitizer (Or Alcohol if not on the budget) - This will of course be of great use when your skin is sensitive or simply you're just a hypocrite who shakes hands with people in farming communities just to get the vote. It will not hurt bringing these on the go, will be of great use also if you get elected, you can clean gunpowder residue or wash of the blood of those you'll kill on the way. (Especially recommended to bitches and dickheads who think they're so special.)

#6 Expensive Perfume (Or Cologne if you are cheap) - YES! All politicians would like to smell good in front of the people (Or of course around ladies) the subtle sweet smell of the perfume will draw them near you, and for politicians with many wives this is of great use especially if you just finished number 2 and you're about to go to number 3.


#5 Dummies - you need people to attend your campaign sorties, so you need to set up a mob of "supporters" who you paid 250 pesos each to watch you talk about your empty promises, and occasionally throw slurs against your opponent on how his breath stinks or on how he has been suffering from erectile dysfunction, dummies will just clap, laugh and clap more, and cheer a lot, of course you paid them. They are great use especially to politicians who are new to the game or for towns where people are disinterested with politics.

#4 Intelligence Committee- Come on, this is a must have for all politicians, they must be well informed! Information ranges from, your opponents political tactics to what soap he uses. Nothing beats a good intelligence committee to give politicians an edge on what issue will they throw at their opponents.

#3 A Good Campaign Jingle - From their re-worded versions of Gangnam Style, to their own compositions, a good politician knows how to stir up and make a "catchy" campaign jingle. Nothing beats an outstanding and traditional campaign jingle other than the next must have for politicians.

#2 A Huge Budget - Let's look into the area of at least 50 - 100 Million (depending on the population), A politician can never have too much budget for his campaign, he has great uses for this, the advertisements, the posters, the jingles, the campaign sorties, gasoline expenses, food expenses and of course, it is a good negotiating tool, shove a few hundred at the voters hands and they'd vote for you, it can also be of great use to silence your critics or for this instance, silence your mistresses and the ladies you have had your way with. Don't worry on how much money you spend in the campaign, you'll recover it eventually once you are elected, and beats me you'll recover it or might even double it in less than a year, depending on your strategies.

#1 Bulletproof Vest - The most important thing you must have. Every once in a while, there'd be a couple of dudes who will try to get you to sleep with the fishes or be buried 6 feet under, and with the political situations in the provinces, you'll need this a lot. Might as well convert your underwear into a bulletproof version. But after everything is said and done, it's your turn to pop the guys who tried to pop you so, #10 Bodyguards is also a must have.

So that is my guide for Politicians in the province, I hope I helped.
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06 May 2013

Adventures of Arthur (Teaser, Chapter I)

Well I decided to release the first chapter of the book I am currently working at to see the critical response. I hope it'll be published soon. So don't be afraid to leave a comment, I read them all. And please comment in suggestions for future story lines. 


Arthur McBridge is your normal 14 year old teen boy without much to be said of, he’s pretty normal, standing a good five foot eight, piercing blue eyes, black hair with traces of blond, light built. He goes to school like any other teenage kid, falls in love, gets in trouble, playful like any other teenage kid of his age. Though apart from being quite handsome and smart and an indisputable talent in music one things sets aside Arthur from the other kids, he his bestfriend Josh and Steph had a summer adventure that they thought existed only in books and movies.  
It’s a bit shaky, he could hear the winds rustling outside he could hear the roar of the plane engine. A man near the plane’s rear door then stood up, and signaled everyone to prepare. The voice of the Pilot echoed throughout the plane, “Boys, Landing Zone ETA 5 Minutes. Capt. Arthur McBridge, bless you and your men.” Now the man near the door is approaching him. “Artie, prepare you are last off.” The doors opened and one by one Arthur’s men jumped out of the huge mouth of the beast-like plane. As the last man exited he prepared, he felt a pat on his shoulders and off he goes, but something went wrong. Awfully wrong, his parachute did not deploy, and he cannot tug his reserve chute. He was doomed, he was plummeting from 10,000 Feet with nothing but his heavy load on his burden, he was falling... falling...
“And Arthur no wild parties while we are gone.” Arthur snapped out of his daydream, he gave his mom a dazed look, “Is that understood young man?” Arthur just recovering from that awful daydream has no idea what his mom just told him, was it about parties?  Or about wrecking the house he has no idea, but knowing his mom he just answered an abrupt Yes, mother. “Good, so the money is atop the fridge, the important numbers are there. Keep the house locked and the windows shut when you go outside or before you sleep. I got our neighbor the Richardsons to keep an eye on you while we are gone.” Said his mom who seems to not lose her breath from her intense barrage of instructions and final briefing with Arthur, then his dad entered the living area lumbering with their luggage. “So, Arthur, listen to what your mom has said. We’ll be off for 5 days, so don’t go on doing shenanigans while we are gone or else, you won’t be able to use your XBOX and all your gadgets for a whole year, mark my words young man.” With a final kiss on the cheeks and a tap on the head his mom and dad were off, as he heard the car engine fading in the distance. So there he was alone, in their house for 5 days. What’s better is summer vacation just started. “This is going to be fun.” He whispers to himself, he doesn’t realize that just a few days from now he’ll get more fun than he bargained for. Arthur lives in a home just outside a big city, his father and mother and their lives had gone a long way since his father was promoted as a business executive. He for his 13 years of existence has grown up without a sibling though he gets everything he asks for, which he is glad of, he really longed a smaller brother or sister to take care of or teach how to walk and talk and play with his hopes are high that now with this 5 day vacation his mom and dad would come up with his long awaited sibling. Arthur was never left alone he usually is dragged along by his mom or dad wherever they go on trips even if he didn’t like it. So this experience is new to him so he can’t set aside his feelings of excitement for possible adventures and fun stuff that he could do without his parent’s supervision and watchful eyes, yet he can’t seem to calm down, of course all first times are very nerve racking, he was left alone for short periods of times but this was new five whole days so he was also nervous. Thoughts crossed his mind, what would he do, where will he go, what will he eat and a lot more of these mediocre thoughts, but just before he was again to think of other stuff. He heard a rapping on the kitchen window behind him, he looked behind and it was Josh Richardson his neighbor and best friend, Josh and Arthur’s families are so close they treat each other as extended families. Arthur smiled and ran to the door to open it. “So, what are your plans?” Said Josh grinning at Arthur and with a glow of innocence and disbelief at what Arthur’s parents has just done. “I really don’t know, play some videogames or take over the world I guess.” He said blankly. Josh laughed, “You’re such a dork, bro. You should have a party.” Josh said. “No way bro, your mom is looking out for me, and mom would know from the neighbors of course, she said no parties, better let it that way or else I’m grounded for the rest of my life.” Said Arthur after his long speech Silence crept in. “Hey why won’t you sleepover? That’d be cool, then we’ll watch some of those horror flicks I downloaded last night.” said Arthur breaking the silence he ushered after declining Josh’s suggestion. “I thought you’d never ask, by the way Mom and Dad told me to accompany you the whole day, because, y’know, you might get bored and stuff.” Josh said excitedly. “So what are we gonna do for the mean time Artie?” added Josh. “Well like I told you, I have no idea on what to do, maybe you have some plans up your sleeves?” said Arthur in a bored and dazed manner. “Well, let’s just cruise around with our bikes?” suggested Josh. “Yeah, sure why not” Arthur answered still in a dazed manner. “So I’ll get my bike, see you at Mark’s Parlor.” Josh said running towards the door.

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Its just around the corner

                     Less than a week my dear friends before the Senatorial and Local election here in the Philippines, after months of campaigning (Legit and Not), after millions of pesos spent and a thousand if not millions of promises given, the day where our legally aged folks would vote for the local officials and 12 senators. Let me give you a small background of the campaign period.

1. Team Patay and Team Buhay (Pro Life and Pro RH)
        Who would miss the huge posters of the Diocese of Bacolod? Promoting the Diocese's Senatorial bets who for them are Pro-Life and Anti-RH, don't get me started about this RH issue, I'm so fed up with it already.

2. The Lim Vs. Erap.
          Incumbent Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim vs. Former President Joseph Estrada battling for the position of Mayor of the City of Manila, the nation's capital, by the looks of it both old folks seemed to be fighting over the presidency with all of their black propaganda, inappropriate slurs and the like, its the battle of the grand dads in the city of Manila this election, let's not hope that whoever win between them won't die in the middle of their term. (Just kidding)

3. Campaign Jingles
          Those cars and jeeps carrying huge speakers and would play the irritating campaign jingles early in the morning at full blast? It seems like the cornier your jingle is the more appealing it is for the mass? No we just get the urge of blowing up your cars and form an angry mob.

4. The unopposed people.
            They exist up North and down South the town mayors run the elections unopposed, too strong to be defeated? Nah, too rich to compete against.

5. T.V. Commercials
            Yeap, but different from those T.V. commercials from the U.S. where the politicians would boast their achievements with a side dish of derogatory statements to their opponents. T.V. ads here for politicians are much more jolly, I can't think of another country where Politicians are ready to stoop so low just to garner the people's vote, literally making themselves laughing stocks.

6. Ole!
            Ole! it is fiesta style! The Campaign posters and streamers bearing the ugly faces of the politicians hanging and posted everywhere, from lamp posts, electrical lines, cable lines, storefronts, walls, local comfort rooms, public transportation, telephone lines, basketball courts, schools. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE especially this election season, but once they're elected it's like an Easter egg hunt scenario to look for your Local officials.

7. Campaign Parades.
              I hear sirens, is there an emergency? There's a fire truck in the distance where is the fire? but there's no fire, just a long, noisy campaign parade, those bidding for positions in the government with their own gimmicks, riding horse drawn carriages, tricked up pick-up and flatbed trucks and the occasional candy shower (if you're lucky enough they'd throw you a cheap shirt with the names of the candidates) but the cheap ones would just be contented with waving (Cheap people).

8. Campaign Rallies
                You can never avoid a road that ain't blocked because a makeshift stage was erected in order for politicians to say hi to their future constituents and to rant about their achievements, to give their long list of promises, and of course the best part? candidates making a fool of themselves (I can't imagine the looks of their families.) dancing, singing, horsing around like idiots, and of course the comical slurs against their opponent which ranges from their leadership skills up to their mistresses and even their sex lives. (facepalm)

9. The "Ad" techniques.
                Tackling ad techniques in 10th grade makes me realize that some politicians techniques on winning ain't even part of the legitimate ad techniques, of course the t-shirts with stapled money, the people who would go house to house to "campaign" and of course pay the house owners their bounty for letting them introduce their candidate, the amounts are different per candidate, the cheap ones would give 100 pesos per voter some would range to 500 pesos per voter. Yep no one would forget that, a daily activity especially during these times where election is just round the corner. Tsk. Tsk. Corrupt snakes buying their way in!

                Who would forget this? No-one! Promises, promises, promises. Different for each candidate, "Free Education for all" aka Public schools, well we had them a long time ago. Cheaper food prizes, the ultimate removal of corruption (I guess this will be a permanent promise), better living conditions (Tell that to the people living in Mindanao or under the bridges of the Metro). In the end? These promises? Well they'd be buried, of course before the politicians fulfill their promises they would recover the money they invested on the campaigns (That's awfully a lot) And of course they would take a vacation to different countries and open up Swiss Bank accounts for the future, and after everything is said and done they'll go to work but wait! It's nearly election season again before they start working just to say their promises are now "in-progress". My God.

              Well there's your Campaign Throwback. In the end after all of this it's the people's choice, their conscience that will prevail, so one message for the voting population? Just don't vote. (Joking) Vote who you think is right, not the one who has the corniest jingle, the one who looks like an idiot on campaign sorties and most especially not the one who gave you 500 Pesos during campaign.

              I myself am not voting because I am 2 years below the legal voting age of 18, but still I anticipate who will win, who will lead the nation, the cities and towns, the provinces. And along with the country I am hoping for progress. This is how I saw the campaign period, I saw it IN THE EYES OF A TEEN.

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05 May 2013

But they are still out there

                     I as a Filipino, and a part of the youth am proud and satisfied of how the economy has been growing according to the news. Yeah, but as my mom has said "Mga mayayaman lang ang naapektohan diyan (Only the rich is affected by it [Economic Growth]). For a sec, I thought, yeah maybe that is true.

                      I just came back from a trip to the province, I was with my mom, sister, cousin and uncle we hitched with them on their car, because they live in Antipolo, we decided to come there too, we arrived safely, we were about to park yet there was this skinny figure scavenging for stuff from a drum that served as a trashcan, my uncle honked his horn to get the person's sidecar out of the way, he looked up and unsurprisingly he's just a kid who was in my estimate between the ages of 12 and 15. 

                       Walk in the streets of Manila, you couldn't go a kilometer without seeing small troops of kids pushing carts filled with scrap metal, plastic bottles and the like, walk further and you'd see little beggars, worse is during nighttime where you wouldn't miss bumping into a teen prostitute especially in Manila's red light district of Ermita, is this progress? I guess not. Leave the authorities to deal with it? Oh please, some of them are making this a syndicated business for crying out loud, they act as "protectors" for a percentage of the money they would earn in begging, scavenging and prostitution and as long as they give money no-one could ever arrest them, get them into centers and such. 

                         So the conclusion? Well they're still everywhere you go, suffering hunger & hardships which as children they shouldn't suffer from. A good suggestion for everyone? If y'all want a good, safe and progressive future, we must all invest for it, starting from protecting the children of today, for they are the future, we may not know. One of those exploited and abused kids might be the next brilliant leader, inventor or scientist. 

Still trying to make better blog entries. Thanks for looking into it, add suggestions they are appreciated.

20 April 2013

Unorganized Diaries Entry 2 - (Let us just shut our mouths and move along)

I have been scanning through Youtube for good songs this evening, when out of the blue, there is this comment about a kid who has talent, so I looked it up, the kid was pretty young, but I was amazed by the number of Views in his videos; 500 Million Plus and counting. I was amazed, the kid was good (Fair enough for a kid of his age), and scanning through the video comments were very good messages of praise, I mean yeah he is good so he deserves those comments. But continually scrolling down I saw a certain comment which is very inappropriate, it was hating on the kid.

The comment was profound, senseless, profane, inappropriate & insulting. It wasn't the only comment like that, comments like and I am quoting. 'This kid is gay." , "His voice sounds gay.", "f****** auto-tuned". And many more. It is very heartbreaking to see people bash kids all around the Internet, especially aspiring artists. But what creeps me out is the immediate assumption of these people that kids with talent are gay. Well no. These kids have dreams and quite big, why not support them? Why not shut our mouths or control our itching fingers and stop commenting hate messages? Dudes there are better stuff that you should worry about other than the voice of a 8-10 year old who has talent. Why not do something that is worth your time? Why not do something that will help the world? Why not be like this kid who has guts to post his videos amid the wide number of negative thinkers and people in the Internet. Are we this childish? Are we this immature? To do this? Let us all be mature.

This is how I see it, I see it IN the eyes of a teen.

(This was spontaneous so sorry for any grammatical errors. Sorry grammar police.)

(My second post, Will be making the next installations more worth a read. Thanks for reading! Ciao!)